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The Peppermill Steakhouse - A Savory Supper Spot

GRILLED OCTOPUS | chorizo mortadella,crispy potatoes+luxardopistou*

It is Wednesday night in Tempe, Arizona. I pull into one of the hundreds of strip malls in the valley. The parking lot is quiet. The restaurant's storefront is unassuming, blending in with the other businesses adjoining the space.

I enter the door and am greeted with the sounds of upbeat music on the speakers and lively conversation. Local art adorns the walls. The bar's 10 seats are filled! Guy Fieri is on the tele. I look around and am amazed to see that the restaurant's ten tables are filled as well.

There is one server, one host, one chef and one sous chef in the kitchen. Despite how busy the restaurant is, there are no long waits. Staffing issues here are the same as other valley restaurants, but the effects are not felt here. The food is super fresh and made to order.

Chef Chad Bolar

In the kitchen, there is heat, determination, and fire. Chef and owner, Chad Bolar is sweating over the open flames as many peppered steaks are firing. The steaks are local Arizona Beef. Sustainable, free-range grazed, hormone free.

Mike Alesi, Sous Chef is furiously working away at prepping, chopping and boiling.

This team is a well oiled machine and the food is a testament to their craft.

The menu is French and Asian inspired steak house fare. Menu items on the appetizer menu range from Roasted Bone Marrow to Cast Iron Cornbread.

Entrees on offer range from Harissa Lamb Chops and Filet Mignon Oscar to Supreme Bone-in Ribe eye and Duck Pot Pie.

A unique feature on the menu is the 'Chef's Whim." Allow the chef to be creative in making you a completely unqiue dish that you aren't likely to forget. Tihs is available for both appetizer and entrees.

Cocktails here are as varied and unique as the appetizer and dinner menu. I enjoyed the 'Lady Violet', a gin cocktail with violet liquor and lime juice, with my dinner. For dessert it was the 'Banana Hammock', with peanut butter whiskey/banana juice/simple/chocolate liquor.

black garlicbanana puree,pork rillette, house-madepickles+grilled house-madebread*
Roasted Bone Marrow -

HARISSA GRILLED LAMB CHOPS | black trufflerisotto+ honey mustardsauce*

Chefs Whim - Sea Bass with squah ravioli and pesto

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