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The Most Immersive Tiki Bar in San Francisco

‘Pain Killer’ and 'Bird of Paradise'

The Tiki Bar. A romanticized rendering of Polynesian culture, featuring wildly colorful, fruity, lavishly garnished, rum based cocktails.

The idea of a Tiki Bar is to take patrons on a journey. There are no windows to the outside world, as you are in a completely immersive experience in a place where carved statues not only represent the gods, but are vessels to their power.

The starry sky inside the tiki bar

One of my favorite tiki bars is in San Francisco, The Zombie Village.

Thoughtfully created by the same team as Pagan Idol,

It opened its doors in 2019 as a nod to the man that originally opened Zombie Village in Oakland.

Upon entering you look heavenward to starry night sky. Ornate wood carvings ranging from mermaids to villagers in a canoe are mounted on the walls. Private tiki huts, which can be reserved online, create a truly authentic tiki experience.

Take a look at this video capturing one of the tiki huts.

A cave in the corner of the bar is mounted with skulls and vermilion candles. The door to to the lavatory is wood carvings of Polynesian life.

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