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Romantic Dates in Phoenix: A Tour of the Wrigley Mansion and Cocktails at Geordies

The historic Wrigley Mansion, built by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. as a 50th Anniversary gift to his wife, commands the best views in Phoenlx!

Showcasing Italian/Mediterranean architectural styles, the setting as well as the sights are worth the visit.

Cocktails, Lunch, Brunch, or Dinner can be had here, and the quality of the food and beverage complements the beautiful aesthetics and details of this 1932 home.

Tours of the mansion happen Tuesday-Saturday, 10a/11a/12p. Be sure to contact the property to reserve your historic 60 minute tour.

The Passionista Cocktail

No visit to the mansion is complete without enjoying a cocktail in the library or at Geordie's. The most unique Cocktail in Phoenix can be found here:

'The Passionista‘, crafted by Anthony Escalanta and served in a whimsical tea pot that emits an aromatic plume of essences, while the cocktail is poured into the tea cup.

This fragrant and passion infused cocktail is made with Yuzu Effen Vodka, Aperol Aperitivo, Alchemist Passion Fruit Syrup, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice.

MIchael Ham, Anthony Escalanta, Christina Baruetta, Jax with Fare Expeditions

Pictured here is the eponymous author of Phoenix Cooks, Christina Barruetta (@writeonrubee)- loved by all in the industry for her effervescent passion for food and cocktail culture here in Arizona. She writes for the likes of Tasting Panel and The Somm Journal - bringing an intimate glimpse into the beautiful things that chefs and mixologists are crafting in the industry.

Such as Mr. Anthony Escalante (@lowball_libations), to Christina’s left. He is the man behind the outstanding cocktail program at the Wrigley Mansion. He finds a way to combine unique spirits not found anywhere else in The Valley, and creates some incredible drinkable art.

Featured from left to right:

Studio Wrigley 4:

Kasamrum Gold 7 Year/dented brick brick “disco nut” coconut rum/wray and nephew overproof room/citrus liquer/black berry/fresh citrus/aqua faba

Czech Mate:

Babicka Original wormwood vodka/grappa Di Nebbiolo do Carema/ginger liqueur/fresh lime/aqua faba/lavender bitters

Endless Summer:

@caliwhiskey/ @aperolusa aperitivo/ @cointreau/lemon/dragon fruit/strawberry/kiwi/ @angosturahouse bitters

Last but not least, @wrigleymansion has started to become my special place as I am getting to know all of the amazing people that make this castle on the hill so extraordinary. And the food and beverage here is a work of art!

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