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Khla Phoenix - An immersive Southeast Asian Cocktail Lounge

Khla Phoenix, a southeast Asian cocktail bar in downtown’s Arts District, has brought an immersive Asian-inspired aesthetic to the food and beverage scene.

Once you step through the heavy iron gate onto the patio, you are whisked away to another world.

Cambodian space rock pumps through the speakers, and white paper lanterns are strung across the sky. Monochromatic murals in white grace the raven-colored walls, created by local tattoo artist Malia Hee.

On the black walls above floral patterned vinyl table cloths, film boxes display iconic Cambodian and Vietnamese movie posters, crafted by Local graphic artist Dump La Rock.

This space is nostalgia. For co-owner Tyka’s childhood, for bar manager Dustin Doan’s Vietnamese heritage.

The cocktail program is a taste of nostalgia for these guys, combining many Asian flavors from Vietnam to Japan.

Featured is the bright green cocktail, "Arcade Dreams”

With a Japanese gin, Midori (a Japanese muskmelon flavored liqueur) paired with dry vermouth, lemon, and an effervescent tonic. A pure taste of nostalgia.

Days of Thunder

A southwest meets southeast Asian cocktail with Raicilla, turmeric, Calpico, lime, grapefruit and ginger bitters (an anti-inflammatory elixir)

Devils Deal

Oaxaca meets Cambodia with Thai chili infused @ilegalmezcal espadin/hazelnut/lemongrass/yum berry/lime/pineapple/peanut oil.

📍218 E. Portland St, Phoenix

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