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High Country Motor Lodge -1960s Roadside Culture Meets Alpine Vibes

Updated: Jan 22

High Country Motor Lodge is the latest boutique concept brought to you by the same team as The Scott Resort and El Chorro Lodge.

Think '1960s roadside culture’, and alpine vibes.

The back patio is open to the communal lawn, with views of the hilltops and pines. At night it’s perfect for star gazing or lounging by the fire pits.

The bar program ranges from boilermakers to ‘The River Rat Society’ whiskey cocktail - as well as light and refreshing citrus cocktails such as the ‘Goddess of Glen Canyon’ with grapefruit and Grand Canyon Vodka.

The General Store offers delicious "pinsas", salads, and sandwiches. Fresh pastries and coffee are on offer all day long.

The game room is retro hip with board games, foosball, and pool.

And we loved the vibe in the lounge with its alpine lodge meets vintage contemporary design with woods, leather, gold, and tweed mingled with thoughtfully placed plants against its dark blue walls.

Standard rooms come with cassette players and tapes, high-end toiletries, and plush bedding. The cabins on the property feature a small sitting area and more space, especially in the bathroom.

Not to be missed is the Nordic spa experience, at which you can reserve a private sauna cabin for an hour, complete with water, electrolytes, and essential oils. Outside of the cabin is the cold plunge and dive pool, as well as the welcoming hot tub after.

Though they have only been open since May, this is fast becoming a popular destination for locals. To gather, recharge, stargaze, Imbibe and socialize. During winter season they are busy with snowboarders and skiers due to its close proximity to the Arizona Snow Bowl.

From the retro music to the vintage black and white photographs of the west, it is truly a one of a kind destination.

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