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Cloth and Flame Verde Series Vol. II - High Country Elevated Dining Experience

The Verde Series Vol. II: High Country - Elevated Dining Experience with Copperstate Farms took place over the weekend in a Verdant setting in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona.

The decor was Bohemian Chic, and Copperstate Farms was on site offering pre-rolled flower and comfortable sitting areas with couches and hammocks to encourage diners to chill before and after dinner.

The evening began with mock-tails, infused with THC and CBD.

Entertainment was provided by the incredible vocal stylings of Mack and Gold.

Executive chef NIck Rusticus crafted a menu of passed bites, as well as plated dishes...of which I loved the chicken and waffle with cannabis Infused aioli.

The first and second courses were a fresh salad of peaches, beets, cucumbers, sourdough gremolata, black pepper feta and a very toothsome dish of orecchiette, roasted onions, summer squash, sweet corn, and cannabis pesto.

Dining creek side, surrounded by green, was the perfect setting for this meal…and consequently the table decor and settings complemented the experience!

The mock tails flowed freely, and by the end of the meal we were feeling groovy.

One of the beautiful spaces that Cloth and Flame thoughtfully designed for the Verde Dinner series was the sound bath space.

In true Bohemian style it was decked with poufs, cushions, carpets, Hurricane candle centerpieces and blankets.

Grit and Grace Meditation created a soothing and healing atmosphere with her beautiful sound baths, and especially when the sun went down and couples huddled closely under the stars to feel these soothing vibrations, it was pure magic! Thank you, Cheryl!

To complete the evening, we stargazed with renowned astronomer Dennis Young, who dazzled us with views of Saturn and its rings - as well as it’s more than 4 dozen Moons!

Thank you to Cloth and Flame for another beautiful event, Copper State Farms, Mack and Gold, Grit and Grace Meditation, Dennis Young, Nick Rusticus and Paul Joey for the refreshing libations ranging from lemongrass to mango rosemary.


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